Nimbin Natural Beekeepers


Nimbin Natural Beekeepers


Hello there and welcome to our new website, it's a really big and steep learning curve.

So we are the Nimbin Natural Beekeepers.

We are a loose knit group of between ten and forty beekeepers, depending on who turns up on the first Sunday of the month at our regular meeting held at any one of our groups homes. 

We do not charge people money to come. we aren't really into money as such, what we are really into is bees!

Mainly what is called the European honey bee, we are also getting into Australian native bees.

Our mission is the survival of the bees that help us to maintain the quality of not only humanity but the entire ecosystem of this planet of ours. 

Our meetings are open and friendly and most of us are beginners.

We can either tell you where to get everything you need or you can join the buying group and get all you need from our suppliers.

You will be shown and helped with anything you need to know to put the whole thing together;

  • the building of your hive
  • the introduction of bees to you box
  • how to expand your colony
  • how to help them grow
  • and everything else all the way through to harvesting.


What we do: